About the Course:

Get on the fast track to a successful career! This two year master’s program will open up a host of opportunities for you. Why? Because it’s also integrated with the ACCA qualification. That means an M.Com plus a professional certification, both from reputed institutions. 

SOE will be providing career support and internship during the programme.

Students will get exemptions in their ACCA as they would have completed relevant modules in their coursework.

The student can get exemptions for Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Business and Technology, Taxation, Performance Management, 

Financial Management, Corporate and Business Law, Financial Reporting, Audit and Assurance, in their ACCA qualification as they would have already studied and passed exams in their graduation programme. Similarly students can get reversal exemption in their college programme if they have already studied and passed ACCA exams

Why should you take the course?

  • Candidates will be exempted from a total of nine ACCA papers.
  • Gain expertise in management, taxation, finance, leadership, accounting and more. All with one course!
  • Learn the latest and best techniques, practices and strategies in finance & accounting. 
  • It will open up opportunities in teaching as well as research. 
  • Put your knowledge and skills to practice as part of your master’s thesis. 

M.Com in International Finance Course Curriculum

Course No.Course TypeCourse CodeCourse TitleCourse Credit
1CC121VMC2C101Financial Accounting (ACCA)4
2CC221VMC2C102Business and Technology (ACCA)4
3CC321VMC2C103Corporate and Business Law (ACCA)4
4CC421VMC1C104Economics for Business Decisions4
5CC521VMC2C105Management Accounting (ACCA)4
Course No.Course TypeCourse CodeCourse TitleCourse Credit
6SC121VMC2S201Taxation (ACCA)4
7SC221VMC2S202Audit and Assurance (ACCA)4
8SC321VMC2S203Advanced Financial Accounting4
9SC421VMC2S204Performance Management (ACCA)4
10SC521VMC2S205Financial Reporting (ACCA)4
11SC621VMC2S206Financial Planning and Wealth Management4
Course No.Course TypeCourse CodeCourse TitleCourse Credit
12SC721VMC1S301Business Research and Methodology4
13SC821VMC2S302Financial Management (ACCA)4
14SC921VMC2S303Strategic Business Leadership (ACCA)4
15SC1021VMC2S304Strategic Business Reporting (ACCA)4
16SC1121VMC2S305Financial Modeling with Spreadsheets4
17OEC21VMC2E306Open Elective Course4
Course No.Course TypeCourse CodeCourse TitleCourse Credit
18SC1221VMC2S401Advanced Financial Management (ACCA)4
19SC1321VMC2S402Advanced Performance Management (ACCA)4
20SC1421VMC2S403Advanced Taxation (ACCA)4
21SC1521VMC2S404Advanced Audit and Assurance (ACCA)4
22Project21VMC1P405Research Project6


Students who have attained an aggregate of 50% and above in a bachelor’s degree (at least 3 years long) from a UGC recognised university.

Students who are in their final year of such a bachelor’s program.

Course Duration

The duration of this online master’s course is four semesters, i.e., two years.

Why should you choose SOE Global as your study partner?

  • Knowledge sharing by experts with immense experience in the banking, accounting and finance industry.
  • Flexible study plans to cater to the needs of a variety of students.
  • Lessons and support offered by experienced student-focused experts.
  • Learning partner with networks and strong affiliations with several global and national institutions.

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