About the course:

Take the next step in your career by adding MSc in Professional Accountancy along with the ACCA qualification. The Post Graduate course, specially designed in partnership with the University of London and ACCA, helps in broadening the skillset required to cope up with the global advancements. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to save time and money by gaining two qualifications at once from two prestigious institutions. 

Why should you take the course?

  • The role of professional accountants is crucial as they assist the business in forming strategies, reducing costs, and mitigating risks. 
  • MSc in Professional Accountancy gives the candidates a holistic view from mastering the challenging theoretical concepts to solving real-time cases. 
  • The modules aim at providing a stimulating learning experience and a significant practical approach, enhancing the employability of the students and members. 
  • With the global giants on the lookout for candidates with both professional and a master’s qualification in Finance, this course fits in the criteria perfectly. 
EligibilityNumber of ExamsTime Taken
Student Pathway: 


Successful completion of all Applied Skills Exams and Strategic Professional Essentials Exam

2 Modules evaluated through coursework and an exam and 1 Project – Strategic Financial Project. Degree Completion – 1 year to 5 years (maximum). 


Modules & Project – 22 weeks session. (12 hours/week) 

Affiliates and Members Pathway: 


Necessary to pass the University of London Professional Accountancy Online Preparation Test, if it is more than 5 years since the completion of Strategic Professional exam. 

1 Module and 1 Project – Strategic Financial Project

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