(Certtified management Accountant – United States)
Do you aspire to master financial management and enhance your job prospects, leading to a secure future?

Got questions? Everything about CMA IS mapped out for you!

  • CMA US: Recognized globally by the IMA(Institute of Management accountants), it’s the top choice for finance and management accounting professionals.
  • Key for MNCs & Big 4s: Want to climb the ladder of success? CMA US sets you apart in roles like financial analyst, controller, or even CFO and more.
  • Quick path to success: Complete the course in just 6 to 12 months!
  • Worldwide respect: With recognition in 150+ countries and 140,000+ members worldwide, CMA US opens doors everywhere.
  • Unlock Global Opportunities.
  • Fast-track to top job roles.
  • Master Financial Strategy.
  • Stand out from the crowd.
  • Boost Your Earnings and ROI.
  • Join a Global Network.

Your Roadmap to CMA US Certification

Wait First Check your Eligibility

Exam Eligibility

Completed high school (10+2)

Certification Eligibility:

You must have a Bachelor’s degree from any college or university.

Professional Work Experience:

Need at least 2 years of full-time work experience in management accounting or financial management. Part-time work (minimum 20 hours per week) can count too. (one year of part-time work equals half a year of full-time work).

Certification requirements come after clearing your exam, so you don’t have to worry about it now.
While an accounting background can be helpful but not required.

Discover What You'll Learn

CMA US Course Structure - 1 Level - 2 Parts - 12 Core Competencies!

Part 1

Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

Part 2

Strategic Financial Management

Exam Overview: Everything You Need to Know!

Candidates for CMA US certification must complete all required examination parts.

Part 1

Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

Exam Duration:        Format:
4Hours                      100 MCQs & 2 Essays

Part 2

Strategic Financial Management

Exam Duration:        Format:
4Hours                     100 MCQs & 2 Essays


Each MCQ carries 4 Marks
Each essay question carries 50 Marks
Maximum mark for each part: 500
Passing mark for each part: 360


3 Hours for MCQ section
1 Hour for essays
Essays presented after completing the MCQ section


Must answer at least 50% of MCQs correctly to take essay section
No option to go back to MCQ section once completed and exited

Essay Section

10-12 written response or calculation questions.
Based on two scenarios depicting typical business situations.


Only basic electronic calculators allowed, limited to six functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, and percentage.


Results emailed and posted online about six weeks after the testing month ends.


GAAP/IFRS changes reflected in CMA exam one year post effective date.

Scope of CMA US in India and Abroad

In India

Growing demand in finance, manufacturing, consulting, and healthcare.
Preferred by MNCs, Big 4 firms, and leading Indian companies.
Recognized for expertise in management accounting and finance.
Competitive salaries and strong career prospects.

In Abroad

Globally recognized in 150+ countries.
Valued by MNCs and financial institutions.
Enables international career growth and mobility.
Opens doors to diverse job markets worldwide.

Skills You’ll Develop

Financial and Managerial Skills

Soft Skills Developed

Job Opportunities and Roles You Can Explore

An average CMA can earn up to INR 10-15 lakhs per annum, but this varies based on experience, industry, location, and specific job role. CMAs excel across diverse industries and Here's a glimpse of potential roles:


Financial Analyst, Finance Manager, Investment Banker


Cost Accountant, Supply Chain Manager


Management Consultant, Financial Consultant


Financial Analyst, Revenue Manager


Systems Analyst, IT Auditor


Budget Analyst, Internal Auditor


Financial Manager, Grant Accountant


Professor, Researcher


Financial Analyst, Merchandise Planner


Accountant, Risk Analyst

Your Top Recuiters

CMA US vs CMA India:

CMA US vs. Non-CMA US Salary in Asia:

Earning Potential
CMAs in Asia typically earn about 50% more than non-CMAs, leading to a significant increase in total compensation.

Median Salary
CMAs in Asia earn a median base salary of around INR 22 lakhs, while non-CMAs earn approximately INR 14 lakhs

Note: Actual salaries may vary based on factors such as experience, location, and job role. However, obtaining the CMA certification consistently demonstrates a clear advantage in earning potential within Asia.

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