Welcome to SOE Global, an offline/online platform for professional ACCA courses, gold learning provider in Chennai. Please read these terms carefully, and get in touch with us if you have any questions. By using our educational services, you agree to these terms and the policies referenced here. 

User Access – 

You may use our services if you comply with all the terms and applicable conditions that come with interaction with SOE. When you fill a form or provide us with your details, you must be accurate and ensure complete disclosure of the information, and you agree to update the information as required. You should be of legal age or hold parental consent for using the Services. 

You will only use these services for personal, internal, non-commercial purposes, and not for the benefit of any third party. You will not share your account details with anyone and protect the security of the same. You are responsible for any activity associated with the same. 

The extent of permission for Users – 

Subject to these terms and conditions, SOE offers a non-transferable, personal, limited, and revocable license to the data provided on our services. You agree that you will only create and access through one user account and not share the credentials with any third party. 

The Content provided at any point during the course in the form of text, graphics, articles, data, images, illustrations, and user submissions is protected are our intellectual property. You promise to abide by the copyrighting rules surrounding it by promising not to repurpose, distribute or sell the data without prior consent from us. 

You understand that SOE Global owns this service. You will not be modifying, publishing, transmitting, or participating in the transfer or reproduction of the data. 

You will not contribute any substance from SOE in a manner that – 

  1. Violates the ownership of the intellectual property, including data protection and privacy rights, or produces a liability for SOE. 
  2. Compromise the security of the service 
  3. Is harmful, fraudulent, or objectionable to anyone. 
  4. Harms the security of other accounts and computer networks.
  5. Run any form of spam or automation on the services that hinder the proper functioning of the services.

Paid Services from SOE Global 

We offer paid services to keep up with the quality of the offering provided for the students. You are responsible for completing the payment along with the applicable taxes promptly with a preferred payment mechanism. If the payment method fails, we will open other collection mechanisms for your convenience. 

Reversal of Payment/Cancellation of Service

We do not offer a return/cancellation policy for any of the courses offered by us. We request you to conduct thorough research and make an informed decision before signing up for the courses, either offline or online. Upon signing up, we will be providing face-to-face/online classes and session recordings to ensure proper training for students. 

Other Disclaimers – 

Indemnity – 

You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold SOE Global harmless from any or all claims that relate to your (i) Submission (ii) Activities on the Platform (iii) Violation of the Terms. 

Platform Clarification – 

SOE Global does not have any service offerings on third-party platforms. We only have one official website. Any form of impersonation is strictly prohibited, and SOE Global holds no responsibility for the activities on these platforms. Students are also advised to not fall prey to duplication.