SOE Global aims to deliver the best learning experience for the students who choose us for their professional education. 

As we begin disclosing our learning material and collaterals right after the sign-up process for the courses are complete, we will not be able to process any refund or cancellation requests from the students. 

We request the students to conduct due research and make an informed decision before enrolling with SOE Global. As pioneers and gold approved learning partner of ACCA-affiliated institute in Chennai, we strive hard to constantly improve our service offerings to equip our students with the relevant knowledge and skillset to lead a flourishing career. 

From holding completely personalized, face-to-face physical class sessions, we are moving to an online approach to facilitate seamless learning and improve our impressions on the students. We will continue to keep the sessions personalized with extensive attention to each candidate. The courses come with resourceful course materials, online sessions, and recordings of all the sessions, so you can always go back and clear your doubts. 

The faculty members will also indulge your doubts and focus on building a constructive learning experience that will steer your way to success!