About the Course:

IFRS or the International Financial Reporting Standards are the established rules of financial reporting for companies that are followed and permitted in many countries. Diploma in IFRS is a course offered by the ACCA that helps professionals be familiarized and well versed in the financial reporting standards.

Diploma in IFRS is a course with great scope worldwide as these standards are accepted and required in more than 113 countries with more countries slowly being added up to the list. These Financial Standards are marked with regular amendments and hence the requirement of trained professionals with better understanding and knowledge of these standards is increased.

In India, all the listed companies with a net worth of 250 crores or more are mandatorily required to follow standards that are equivalent to IFRS, hence the need for professionals in these organizations is always there.

IFRS Course Structure: 

The IFRS course structure is divided into various modules and sections. The syllabus includes: 

  1. International Sources of Authority.
  2. Preparation of Financial Statements and Additional Disclosures.
  3. Elements of Financial Statements
  4. Preparation of Extend financial reports for Combined Entities, Associates, and joint Arrangements.
Introduction to IASB and IFRS. 
Presentation and Profit
Accounting for Assets & Liabilities – Part 1
Accounting for Assets & Liabilities – Part 2
Group Accounting
Disclosure Standards
Principal Differences Between UK/US GAAP, IFRS and Ind AS

On successful completion, the students will be able to apply the appropriate financial reporting standards to elements of financial reports and also prepare group financial statements. They will also be able to identify and apply disclosure requirements for companies in financial reports and notes. 

The course also provides: 

  • In-depth training on the new revenue and leasing standards (IFRS 15 and IFRS 16) with industry-specific illustrations.
  • Overview of differences between IFRS and Ind AS.
  • A deep understanding of the principles and rules of IFRS.
  • Experience in the formation of professional judgment on the practical application of IFRS. 


  • The Diploma in IFRS is a 3 hours 15 minutes single paper exam. 
  • A pass percentage of 50% and above are required to complete the paper. 
  • Students can take up their exams twice a year– June and December. 

The paper contains: 

SectionType of QuestionMarksTotal
AGroups Question 1 x 2525
BScenario Question3 x 2575

Diploma in IFRS Course Curriculum

ACCA’s Certificate in International Financial Reporting Standards (CertIFR)
offers a broad introduction to the field, and aims to help you understand how
they are used globally. The course and assessment are separate so if you are
already applying IFRS at work and want formal recognition of your skills, you can
apply to take the online assessment only. But if you just want extra knowledge in
the field you can choose to take the course only, or you can complete both.

Our Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR) is for finance professionals who need to acquire more a detailed understanding of IFRS. DipIFR is a fast and efficient solution that will develop your current knowledge in this field. As well as how to apply the standards, you will learn the concepts and principles which underpin them.

The course is designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards. You will also learn how to apply them, as well as the concepts and principles which underpin them.

On completion of the Diploma candidates should be able to:

  • Understand, explain and apply the IASB’s Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting.
  • Apply relevant financial reporting standards to key elements of financial reports.
  • Identify and apply disclosure requirements for companies in financial reports and notes.
  • Prepare group financial statements (excluding group cash-flow statements) including subsidiaries, associates and joint arrangements.



You will need to prove that you have one of the following:

The program fee is INR 20,000 which includes necessary lecture notes but

excludes the exam registration fees payable to ACCA for the DipIFR exam


  • Diploma IFRS will be assessed by a single three-hour written exam, which is held
  • twice a year, once in June and again in December at ACCA’s exam centers- in
  • India. The passing mark is 50 percent. The exam contains two sections and has
  • a mix of calculations and written answers. Some questions adopt a
  • scenario/case study approach.
  • Two years’ relevant accounting experience and a relevant degree (attracting
  • at least ACCA qualification exemptions for the Applied Knowledge and
  • Corporate and Business Law (LW) exams).
  • Two years‘ relevant accounting experience and an ACCA Certificate in
  • International Financial Reporting.
  • Three years’ relevant accounting experience.
  • ACCA affiliate status.

IFRS Course Eligibility: 

Who can choose the course? 

  • Qualified Chartered Accountants
  • CA students
  • Management accountants and analysts 
  • Professionals working in finance and accounts
  • Graduates and Post Graduates specialized in Finance. 


The course helps the students to be well versed with all the relevant and detailed IFRS knowledge. To qualify for a Diploma in IFRS any one of the following requirements have to be met:

  • Be a professional auditor or an accountant qualified by the National Accounting Standards
  • Accounting experience of 2 years and a certificate in International Financial Reporting by ACCA
  • 3 years of relevant accounting experience
  • ACCA affiliate status

IFRS Course Duration: 

With the provision of 24/7 online access to resources, we provide two modes of study:  

Classroom Program

  • 3 Months of Training Program
  • Books & Learning Resources
  • Taught by Expert Faculty
  • Peer Group Learning Process

Live Online Training

  • 55+ Hours of a training program on IFRS
  • Live and Interactive
  • Study Material and Recorded Sessions
  • Additional 15 Hours Online Tutorials
  • Face-to-Face sessions with experts

A participation certificate is provided for students with above 80% attendance. 

Choose according to your convenience. The fee structure varies for both modes. 

IFRS Course Fees: 

  • Classroom Program 
  • Live Online Training 

The course fees will include:

  • 80 hours of classes
  • The detailed and comprehensive study material
  • Solved Question Banks
  • Mock Tests
  • Support from teachers and for Exam registration

The IFRS Examination fee for a single attempt is $185 equivalent to Rs.14000. 

We provide all the necessary support for document collection for exam registration. 

IFRS Course Certificate: 

A Diploma in IFRS can be completed in 4 to 6 months by just completing 1 exam and can help you be prepared for various sectors in the industry. Upon successful completion of the course, students are awarded a Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards by ACCA, opening up brand new global opportunities for candidates. 

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Yes, it is a certified course. Students receive a certified diploma upon successful completion.

No, the Diploma in IFRS itself is a certification. You do not need to get IFRS certification separately after completing this diploma program.

Other popular IFRS certifications available in Chennai include the ACCA Diploma in IFRS, CPA Australia’s IFRS course, and the ICAI Certificate Course on IFRS. Call us 7358002200 to know more about it.

Yes, we offer an IFRS Certification. The IFRS certification does not have a set time duration for completion, and you can take exams at any time.

Only weekend batches are available for both the Diploma and IFRS Certification.

 New intakes for both the Diploma and Certification in IFRS are in June and December.

The course covers everything about International Accounting Standards and IFRS Standards.

To pursue a Diploma in IFRS, at least 3 years of work experience and a Bachelor’s degree are required. There is no requirement for IFRS certification.

We provide hardcopies from BBP publishers, which are sufficient for taking the exams.

It is beneficial for finance professionals, as it is Ideal for career growth through Continuing professional development (CPD).

  • Opens doors to MNCs and Indian firms.
  • Vital for CFOs of the future.
  • Mandatory for Indian companies with over 250 crore revenue, aligning with IND AS.
  • Adopted by all Commonwealth nations.

It depends on the institutes. To know about the IFRS Diploma course by SOE Global, call us at 7358002200.