ACCA Ethics and Professional Skill Module

Every essential and technical module in ACCA helps the candidates prepare and master skills that come in handy for practical exposure. These skills are essential not just for employability but also for building character. One of the major skills in ACCA’s essential module is Ethics and Professional skills.

It is a mandatory skill test in the ACCA qualification that increases the workplace effectiveness and employability of the candidates. It helps them equip all the necessary skills required to survive and thrive in and corporate and entrepreneurial world, like leadership, commercial awareness, and communication. Mastering these skills ensures that ethical and professional standards are maintained in any workplace.

Benefits of Ethics and Professional Skill Module:

  • Apart from being a crucial module for clearing ACCA, this is also a very important tool for other strategic professional exams. Clearing this module increases the chances of clearing other exams drastically.
  • The entire study is very interactive and challenging and is designed to study real-world situations with ease.
  • One of the unique propositions in the module is peer-reviewing. This assessment helps build presentation skills by receiving constructive feedback for your work.
  • This module can help candidates understand their style of leadership and their style of doing work. This is a great way of self-discovery before facing real-world problems.
  • The entire module is divided into manageable units, which the students can do in their own time, and according to their lifestyle. This makes 15 hours feel a lot easier to manage.
  • Candidates can get constant feedback on the go, which is free and which helps them improve their mistakes and better their professional skills.

Other important points to remember:

  • There is only a one-time payment that has to be made to write this module. The candidates don’t have to repeat the payments to re-do the assessments if they have to.
  • Upon completion, you get a certificate for the module, which will bring you one step closer to the eventual ACCA degree.
  • The module will take approximately 15 hours to complete.
  • There are 10 units in the module and an assessment at the end.
  • Even after your completion of the module, if the status is not 100%, that means the ethics and professional standards have been updated, and you will have to meet the new guidelines. The module is updated regularly, and students are expected to complete the latest modules in order to take advantage of the latest skill development the industry has to offer.
  • For peer review to be completed, you will have to submit your presentation, then review 5 of your peers, and then get your presentation reviewed by 5 of your peers. The process is simple and hardly takes 3 days.

Ethic and professional skills are two very strong keywords in any industry, job type, or phase of life. Clearing this module will not only bring you one step closer to your ACCA degree but also equip you with some of the most highly in-demand skills in the industry. So get going, and get your ethics and professional skills completed!

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