When it comes to preparing for any competitive exams like ACCA, two types of approaches are popular. While a section of students might prefer coaching, others might go down the lane of self-studying.

But out of both options, which one is more favorable for ACCA aspirants?

The following article shall highlight both sides of the coin as far as self-study is concerned for ACCA. It will help the ACCA aspirants to make an informed decision for themselves.

Self-Study vs. Coaching for ACCA

The choice between self-studying and coaching can be made after understanding one’s caliber and educational background.

For example, it can be untroublesome for students with a strong background in Finance and accounting to pursue ACCA without any coaching. Since they have an educational background to rely on, they might crack the Foundation and Skill-level subjects like Law and Audit.

But the same might not apply to professional-level subjects.

Certain ACCA subjects demand professional-level training and tutoring. Support is a pre requisite as coaching can help understand the fundamental nature of the questions and how one should approach any issues.

Tips for Self-Studying for ACCA Exam

If one has the required educational background for ACCA and is willing to self-study for the same, the following tips can come in handy:

1. Segregate the subjects and prepare early for the tougher ones. For example, clearing a P-level exam can be challenging. So it is best to align the schedule accordingly by giving it more time and attention.

2. Read the content and make notes. Re-read the same content to gain a comprehensive perspective.

3. Focus on the past papers and solve them in phases. Verify that all the essential topics have been covered.

4. Re-read the dates, provisions, deductions, etc., to remember the content till the exam.

5. Remain consistent and dedicated from the first day to the last.

Perks of Taking Coaching for ACCA Exam

If one does not belong from a Commerce background, the right coaching can help ease the preparation process.

The following are some of the advantages that one can avail themselves through ACCA coaching:

1. The study materials provided by coaching institutes cover the entire syllabus and pattern. This makes it easier for the students to gain comprehensive knowledge.

2. ACCA aspirants get proper mentorship and assistance from teachers with extensive knowledge and experience. They can help them enhance their strengths.

3. Students can approach the faculty and get their doubts cleared anytime.

4. The syllabus is completed within the stipulated time, along with the revisions.

5. Mock tests can help the students comprehend their level of understanding.


While the choice between self-studying and coaching is subjective, we’d advise resorting to reliable coaching as it can aid in gaining the required theoretical and practical knowledge. It can help the students gain more confidence to appear for the ACCA exam.

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