Average Student Clear ACCA

The finance and accountancy students have a plethora of options in hand when it comes to professional exams. While a few have a reputation for themselves, the others need an introduction. 

ACCA is one of the globally acclaimed certifications that give the toehold for the aspirants to lead a flourishing career. As a member of an elite organization, you will be able to hone your skills, build professional credibility, and unlock promising career opportunities that blur the line of boundaries and limitations. While the perks of completing the course are established, it is essential to understand the degree of effort required to complete the course. 

The blog focuses on carefully assessing the skill level required to clear the course at ease. 

Understanding the Prior Qualification – 

If you are starting your academic qualification with ACCA, you are being introduced to a myriad of accounting concepts, making it difficult to comprehend. A structured approach to the learning process will allow you to touch base on the concepts and progress consistently. 

It should also be noted that building your ground up with a comprehensive course like ACCA will allow you to have an in-depth understanding of all the fundamental concepts and lead to a progressive professional career. 

On the other hand, starting your journey with ACCA after the completion of UG, PG, or relevant work experience will help you grab the concepts at a faster pace while unlearning few legacy skills and knowledge with regards to accounting is necessary. 

Approach to the Exam – 

ACCA is a course that is designed to be flexible and accommodate students at varying stages of their careers. While most students balance their work and studies to complete the course at a faster pace, it is essential to carry them out in a structured manner. Proper planning combined with dedicated studying and a working schedule can make it easier for you to clear the course. 

That said, it is essential to not pressure yourself. Contrary to other exams, ACCA allows you to plan your subjects and ace them, one or several at a time. You will only have to reappear for the exams you couldn’t clear. ACCA recommends you to spend an average of 150 hours per subject to clear the exam at ease. It can be quite overwhelming, considering a jam-packed schedule. It is about your commitment and effort to complete the course that will allow you to bear the fruit. After all, even a difficult concept only demands your time to understand the same.

Similar to any other professional qualification, ACCA is a course that requires continuous determination, effort, and grit to see it through. While the journey requires relentless effort, it is for everyone ambitious. As a course that builds from the fundamentals, it serves as an incredible opportunity for all the driven aspirants, average or otherwise, to hold a stellar career in the field of accountancy and finance. 

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