Average Student Can Crack ACCA

Right after completing their 10+2 education, many students across the country look forward to clearing the ACCA exam i.e. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Exam. The credibility of passing ACCA is immense and in high demand but attaining it is just as difficult. 

Many students also give this exam after their bachelor’s degree to have a few extra foundation papers exempted but it is up to you, how you want to approach it. In general, the ACCA structure is standard and uncompromising.

Understanding the Structure

To clear the ACCA exam, you are required to pass 13 ACCA exams over 3 levels and additionally, complete an ethics module along with the relevant work experience. Due to the advanced nature and complexity of the exam, many students are discouraged from it. In fact, from the ones that give the exam, only around 40% pass while the rest do not make it. 

One of the major things neglected here is to have a good and consistent command of one’s language. The ACCA exam papers are often given to professors from the UK. An off-putting command over English will burn bridges for you and won’t let you get off on the right foot. 

Can the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Help You?

When you’re considering preparing for this exam in the best possible manner, why not choose to learn from the people who will be testing you? ACCA releases a lot of information and material for their students so that the learning experience can be a fun one. Study guides are further provided so that the students can learn meticulously without any hindrances. 

Even if you had your plans to grind out your study schedule, it is a good idea to see the material that has been released. This helps you get an understanding of the mindset of the organisation. 

Analyzing Each Part

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants paper will consist of three parts, each tougher than the previous one. 

Part 1- 

The papers in part one are comparatively easy and with your choice of subjects, you can score quite well in this part without much difficulty. Many who have studied well cross the 80% mark on this part. 

Part 2- 

Part 2 is where it gets a little tougher to score. Formula and standards have to be used keenly and methodically to ace this part. It is not unusual to see students get a little baffled in this part. With a good work shift, you can aim for 50-75% in all the papers you give.

Part 3-

This part is the most complex and a great barrier for many students. In this part, business situations and real-life situations are presented to you. Your job is to be able to use the components of your knowledge, dissect them according to the situation and be able to use them.

Overall, with ample practice and the right spirit, clearing the ACCA exam is not difficult. As you keep practising, you will develop a natural flair which will be fundamental in helping you clear this exam. 

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