The finance services sector is booming with myriad opportunities of late. Compared to a couple decades ago, new entrants into the field are almost spoilt for choice in terms of which specialisation to pick. Aside from going the tried-and-tested CA route, there exists a whole coterie of alternatives, such as ACCA and MBA nowadays. In particular, many students are sitting up and taking notice of the sheer career potential a Diploma can bring to the table. The question remains, however, as to which diploma to pick out from the ocean of choices in front of each student. We’re here to shed some light on that, with this definitive list of the top diploma courses in the field.

Who Should Opt For a Diploma?

Typically speaking, the subject matter covered in most finance diplomas is on par with other parallel qualifications, albeit at a different concept depth. Therefore, the value proposition of a diploma depends on what role it will play in every individual student’s career.

For instance, if a student wants to split the difference between getting into the career stream ASAP while also getting a bonafide degree certificate, a Diploma would be the ideal way forward. Diplomas offer an optimum amount of exposure to most of the subjects required for higher qualification in finance. If that sounds right up your alley, read on to find out the list of best diplomas to opt for.

Top Diploma Courses

Diploma in IFR: This certification is one of the most recognizable aspects of the ACCA framework. Awardees of this degree get access to a worldwide network of chartered accountancy benefits, along with industry-standard expertise in the IFR field. The DipIFR is an ideal stepping stone for students eyeing a successful career in financial reporting across the globe, and you have to clear only one paper to receive the degree!

Diploma in Banking & Finance: In terms of return on investment, this diploma is a solid pick for any student looking for a versatile career in finance. It helps you gain a strong footing in promising fields like risk assessment and IT, while also unlocking an auxiliary career path in the process through the banking sector. What’s more, the diploma course itself takes one year to complete, making it manageable even for individuals with active careers.

Diploma in Taxation: The demand for qualified tax auditors never dries out, no matter where you are based in the world. Pursuing a diploma in taxation can cement your stature as a bonafide tax audit professional, assisting firms both big and small with their tax requirements. The diploma covers everything from the principles of auditing to the applications of Tally, equipping you with all you need to traverse the field of taxation within one year of study.

The Right Career Step

Choosing the right diploma for your career will require a fair bit of homework and assessment before you step into a course in earnest. To help you stay on the ideal track, we at SOE Global offer dedicated courses to students, providing career guidance all along the way. Contact us today for enquiries regarding our institute and its preparatory courses.

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