ACCA Entry Requirements

What are the entry requirements for the ACCA qualification?

After completing their schooling education, a student’s next step towards their education is the deciding factor as to what they have planned to do for the rest of their lives. It is their first step towards an actual career, and based on what they have planned for their future, they should choose their educational path.

ACCA course provides an excellent base platform for students looking for a future in the area of accounting and its related streams. As a concept, ACCA is globally accepted and practiced and is present in more than 180 countries.

This is a truly international course with immense scope and great significance. The course takes a maximum of 4 years to complete and gives you thorough knowledge for you to be relevant in the industry and also ensures a regular update of new laws and standards through amendments as and when things change.

But to begin this course, there are a few entry-level requirements that have to be met by every student. These prerequisites changes from country to country and is different for people from every part of the world. In India, these include:

  • Age: The person taking up the entrance of ACCA should have completed 18 years of age.
  • School Qualification Requirements: As the course has its main focus on accounts, the student taking up the course entrance should have a minimum of 65% aggregate in his 10+2 exams in Accounts/Maths; and a minimum of 50% of aggregate in all the other subjects. In case of higher secondary education, where marks are out of 200, the person should have above 130 marks to meet the 65% requirement and over 100 marks to meet the 50% requirement.

If these requirements are met, the person is permitted to take up the entrance test to ACCA.

For subsequent ACCA tests and qualifications, the requirements change, but for the base entry-level qualification, student as to ensure just 2 of the requirements are met.

The core reason the entrance level requirements give such an importance to accountancy and mathematics is because the entire ACCA module revolves around accounting standards and finance accepted globally. And hence it is significant that the students enrolling have a strong base knowledge about those subjects.

With these entry-level requirements, it comparatively easy for anyone graduating the school to take up this test and start their journey in a course that ensures an amazing future ahead.

So students who are researching their next step after schooling, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a safe option to go for if you love accounting and finance. It is comparatively easy when compared to other professional courses in the country, and can be completed in a lesser time period.

The course also ensures a thorough experience in the industry even before you qualify and finish the course, which enables you to take charge from day 1, and get placed anywhere in the world!

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