ACCA Highest Paying Countries in the World

How do you make a decision that decides the course of your professional career? You are likely to assess different options, conduct in-depth research, compare the prospects, including pinning a number on your work. 

It is well-established that pursuing courses in ACCA opens up a myriad of promising opportunities to crunch the numbers for renowned global enterprises. But if your question is about the places that offer maximum benefits for finance or accountant professionals with ACCA degrees up their sleeve, this blog will help you shed details on the same. 

Top 5 Countries With Highest Paying Salary For ACCA

Here are some of the developed and progressive countries that consider the qualification bankable. 

1. United State of America

The country with the largest economy in the world will never say no to a qualified professional who will reflect positively on their financial ecosystem. ACCA is considered one of the highest-paid degrees in the country, holds a lot of relevance, and is unlikely to be a dearth of job for finance/accountant professionals, especially with ACCA to back them up. 

2. United Kingdom

The course holds in origin in the UK over a century ago. ACCA is fabricated around IFRS, an accounting standard that is well-recognized all over the country. The UK serves as the safe bet with diverse career options for ambitious professionals willing to step out of their comfort zone and give the place a serious try. From work culture, acceptance, inclusiveness, and relevance for ACCA – the beautiful English country ticks all the boxes. 

3. India

India is also in the transformational phase concerning economy and practices. As ACCA is being adapted for accounting practices in major MNCs, it is only a matter of time before the awareness about the globally recognized accounting body changes the landscape of industries. Meanwhile, the professionals can serve a spot in global institutions with a local presence and lead a flourishing career. 

4. Singapore

This country has witnessed draconian growth in infrastructure, work culture, and economy. Singapore is home to the highest number of Accountants in the world – that’s a sign, isn’t it? You need not sit through any exams to start practicing, and the immense range of opportunities for skilled professionals is at its crest. You can easily build a great professional and personal life in this place. 

5. Malaysia

Malaysia is working arduously to boost its economy, which can only work in favor of the professionals looking to help the situation work in their favor. As they explore new avenues, you will be open to new opportunities. You will serve as a befitting example to early birds take the worm as your career will take off well in the country, regardless of your point of interest. 

6. Japan

Japan is always on the news for the right reasons. The fast-growing country with a booming economy is known for striking the right balance between work and life. While there are a lot of perks that come with choosing Japan as your workplace, their emphasis on regional language needs attention. You are expected to clear an exam conducted in Japanese to hold a seat in their office. 

Other countries that have been welcoming to ACCA professionals include Germany and New Zealand. As ACCA is expanding its footprint to become a universally recognized professional course, it is essential to analyze and understand the business landscape as of today.  

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