Best Course in MBA Finance

An MBA in Finance in itself is a great addition to any resume. Pursuing this qualification provides the student with several avenues to develop critical thinking, analytical skills, forecasting and problem-solving skills amongst others. 

Here is a short rundown on some of the best MBA Finance courses in terms of brand value, educational value, and usefulness in the job market amongst others.

Best Universities in India:

Indian Institute of Management:

As any Indian who has some degree of exposure to the world about MBA courses, and more often that not, they would have head of the IIMs. These institutions, although they do not offer an MBA but a Post-graduate Diploma Instead, are known for their academic rigour and relevance to the Indian market.

Students who graduate from the best IIM’s go on to build successful careers in Multi-national Firms such as Banks and so on. The starting pay for most of these professionals in upward of Rs.20 lakh.


These institutions, although not IIMs are on par with most of the IIMs. Pursuing an MBA in Finance from these institutions helps one get a toehold in the finance industry by providing them exposure to better placements and networks, than they would get in a tier 2 or 3 university.

MBA From Abroad in India:

Several foreign universities have off-campus lessons in India. Through this one can get an exposure of international businesses. Furthermore, in some cases such as SP Jain’s program, one can choose to spend a portion of their academic tenure in  foreign location, and thereby earn international exposure.

Furthermore, in some integrated programs, students can choose to pursue qualification such as ACCA in tandem with their degree, thereby making it more valuable. Pursuing an academic and professional qualification always gives the candidate an edge over others.

Distance Education / Weekend / Online Program:

Students who already have a day job can choose to pursue their MBA in Finance through distance learning or weekend classes. While this doesn’t offer much opportunity for hands-on learning and networking, the knowledge acquired through the degree is the same.

Symbiosis Institute of Management offers one such program. SOE Global offers a unique online MBA in International Finance that will enable students to obtain a real-world perspective.

The Bottom Line:

When choosing an MBA in Finance, take note of the following factors:

  1. Ensure that the college or university are accredited. Scour the internet for information.
  2. To obtain information on the pay the students get etc, reach out to alumni if possible. If not, scour the internet.
  3. Ensure that the program covers the topics that you aim to learn. Different universities focus on different sub specialisations. If you want to specialise in a particular aspect of finance, go to the university that offers the best program for it.
  4. If you choose to not go to a nationally acclaimed university, then attend a university that is well-known in the area (geographical) you wish to work in.

All the best!

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