Approved Learning Partner

What is an ACCA Approved learning partner?

Every student undergoing their ACCA preparations requires a lot of dedication, consistency, and in many cases, regular coaching. The coaching can be external, but one has to make sure the quality of training and education is high, and they have a good understanding of the course, the exams and everything around it.

This is where ACCA’s Approved Learning Partner program comes in. This gives a formal recognition to institutes and learning providers for the quality of education that is practised and the kind of support provided to students on their journey to crack ACCA.

To be a labelled as an approved learning partner, the institute has to meet a few requirements. And the main goal of this initiative is to:

  • Recognize the best industry institutes that have a good track record of supporting students in the past through various levels of the ACCA course.
  • Support those institutes in their mission to help students crack the course.
  • Give students a fair view about which institutes will be valuable and better for them.

The Approval System:

The approval levels in this model are divided into three layers, namely Silver, Gold, Platinum.

  • Silver: This is for learning providers that are new to the teaching scene and are not quite there to match the ACCA requirements.
  • Gold: This qualification is for institutes providing tuition and training services for ACCA and Foundations in Accountancy. To get this certification, the learning provider has to meet a lot of targets set by the parent institute.
  • Platinum: To get this certification, the institute should have ACCA as a part of their regular course delivery. In addition to this, they also have to meet the qualifications required in Gold and meet pass targets and a few other goals.

To give an example, School of Excellence in Chennai, which is an ACCA training institute in Chennai, is a certified Gold approved learning partner, after having met the criteria set by ACCA.

Once approved for any the qualifications, the learning provider will receive support and will be an integral part of building a relationship that will help the institute, the students, and ACCA. This program helps quality education stand out of the rest, and guides the student to the right path where they can get most of their time and efforts spent by them to clear the course.

So set the right filter, and get the right education with an approved learning partner. All the best!

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