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Best Country For a Career in ACCA

The Association of Chartered Account course or ACCA for short is a course based out of the UK, but it holds value all over the world. This credential grants an ACCA qualified person the freedom to work anywhere they wish depending upon their different desires and wants. To choose a country to work in one can ponder over a few questions to narrow it down-

  • How much money does one want to make?
  • What kind of work/life balance does one wish to maintain
  • What kind of culture does one want to live in?
  • The number of hours one wants to work.
  • The various other barriers-language, work culture etc.

After pondering, one can have a look at the different countries and the pros and cons of working there.

Top 5 Country For a Career in ACCA

1. India

ACCA certification is on the rise in India. An ACCA qualified personnel can work as a management consultant or a financial planner for a company. One can also choose to work in one of the major MNCs. The major drawback is that to set up their own practice one had to be a CA qualified personnel. A signature of an ACCA certified professional is not validated to pass an audit report. Though there are a lot of drawbacks, globalization will make it all a level field for everyone. With the above trend coming in, there will be a surge in demand for ACCA qualified personnel. 

2. United Kingdom 

The ACCA course originated in the UK; therefore, ACCA qualified are wholly accepted and welcomed. One quick search and one can find numerous job openings. The country is very diverse in its work culture. One can choose to work in different sectors and different cities, providing them with the freedom to live between the hustle-bustle of a city or a quiet neighbourhood. There is no language barrier; the pay, as well as the work environment, is good.

3. Japan

 Japan has one of the fastest-growing economies and is known for its work culture. The Japanese welcome ACCA course graduates but for one to practice they have to clear a bunch of tests conducted by the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (JICPA). The tests are also in the regional language. Before being pulled by the “you can nap during work hours” something that the Japanese consider a sign of hard work, one must be thorough with the language. The jobs here pay on par with all the other countries.

4. New Zealand

Voted one of the best places to work in, better work-life balance and a place were people work comparatively fewer hours. If all the above sounds appealing to you, then New Zeland might be the place for you. If living in a smaller country surrounded by nature, mountains and working a decently paying job is your thing, then you have chosen the right place. The ACCA qualified can also collaborate with CA NZ to expand their work circle. There is no language barrier or extra tests that one has to go through. 

5. Singapore

Singapore is one of the countries that employees the highest number of accountants. ACCA certification is one of the most sorted after qualifications here. There are no exams that one has to sit through to get a license to practice. One factor is that residing in Singapore can be an expensive affair. Even though the ACCA qualification is sort after by big companies, Singapore still prefers the local CA qualified personnel.

Apart from the countries mentioned above, ACCA qualification is recognized and accepted globally by many countries. One can choose from places like the UK, US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, NZ, Malaysia, Germany, the list goes on. 

ACCA qualification is the best for someone looking for a job crunching numbers. Now, where one wants to crunch numbers from should be an easy choice to make after one sort out their priorities.


When considering where to pursue a career as an ACCA accountant, there are several advantageous destinations to choose from. Markets in the India, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, and the Middle East offer robust job opportunities, high salaries, good lifestyle quality and expanding demand for accounting services.

Ultimately, the UK and India remains the gold standard location. As the home of ACCA, the UK provides unparalleled career prospects thanks to its world-leading accounting sector, abundance of multinational company headquarters, and the highest international hiring rate for ACCA members. The UK also leads for employment mobility, work rights and professional network growth.

No matter where new ACCA accountants wish to establish their careers, there are now more locations worldwide which offer tremendous opportunities. Do thorough research and assess your priorities – from salaries, advancement potential and working rights through to culture, environment and benefits – to select the country and city that best matches your vision as an FCCA finance professional.

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