ACCA Job Opportunities in India

With globalization playing a crucial role in facilitating India’s growth, our country is witnessing an exponential rise in several big-shot companies and MNCs. Along with the overall development, international companies are now resorting to India to hire professionals, especially those in the accounting field. Such a demand has led several students to opt for a specialized ACCA course to build a stable and thriving career. 

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a global body that provides accountancy qualifications to financial professionals. While ACCA is mainly opted by professionals who aim to work abroad in countries like Dubai, the UK, Singapore, etc., its job opportunities in India have a rising curve.

Top 5 ACCA Job Opportunities in India

The following are some of the most respectable jobs that will be rendered to ACCA professionals in India: 

1. Financial Accountant 

The responsibility of financial accountants is diverse. It includes recording, summarizing, and overseeing all the transactions like taxes, payroll, expenses, etc. They analyze a company’s financial condition with the help of cash flow statements and balance sheets. 

You will be expected to find the financial discrepancies, prepare reports regarding the profits or losses, and create strategies to increase revenue. 

2. Management Consultant 

As a management consultant, you will be responsible for advising clients regarding the planning, budgeting, reporting, and other essential paperwork. 

Auditing current financial practices and recommending a concrete action plan will also fall under the list of duties. 

3. Financial Analyst 

Financial analysts study the current and past trends to devise better financial plans for the future. You will have to analyze the financial statements to create better financial models for investors. 

Assessing the performance of stocks and investments will also be your responsibility. 

4. Finance Controller 

ACCA certification can help you become a senior executive in a company as a finance controller. You will be in charge of the accounting department to oversee the financial records and compliance with the legalities. 

You will be responsible for providing timely company records with utmost accuracy. 

5. Tax Specialist 

The duty of a tax specialist entails advising clients about the local and international tax systems. Companies or firms can hire you to help them meet their taxation requirements. 

It also includes preparing tax audits and researching the varying tax laws to cater to your clients’ needs. 

ACCA Salary in India 

ACCA is often compared to CA since both professional qualifications hail from the same field. The same is reflected in their salaries as they have a similar range. 

For example, the salary of ACCA professionals ranges from ₹3.5 to 20 LPA in India. 

The salary can also depend on your skills, prior work experience, additional qualifications, and the type of company. 

Best Companies in India Hiring ACCA

Once you have secured your ACCA qualifications, you can secure a well-paid and respectable job in several established companies like Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), Grant Thornton, Pepsico, Accenture, Shalimar Paints, HSBS, Embassy Group, etc. 

All in all, it can be established that the scope of ACCA is quite broad in terms of jobs and opportunities, not only in India but across the globe. But if you plan to stay in India, there is no dearth of work as an ACCA qualification will line up several well-paid job offers for you! 

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