ACCA Membership

The Big Leagues

Getting accepted into the esteemed Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a significant career milestone for any professional in the field of finance. Members of ACCA receive a holistic set of career perks and advantages throughout their membership, such as:

– A mark of accreditation from the world’s leading body for professional accountants

– Expanding your network and influence on a global scale

– Access to the latest trends and developments in the field.

The road to becoming a bonafide ACCA member is a meticulous process that can be a little tricky to navigate for newcomers. Following the pointers listed below can spare you the confusion, ensuring a smooth transition to ACCA membership.

The First Step: Eligibility/Screening

Before setting your application in motion, going through a round of self-screening for ACCA’s eligibility criteria is in your best interests, considering the calibre of an ACCA membership.

If you tick all the boxes for ACCA membership acceptance criteria, the next step is to double down on it and check if you qualify for any exemptions. ACCA offers exemptions as a way to seamlessly integrate your prior experience in the field into your application review. Among a few exemptions included are:

Qualifications: B.Com graduates, active CAs, CWA practitioners and other qualifications are eligible for exemptions in the ACCA clearance process.

Relevant Experience/Practice: Accounts for your lecturing, part-time and full-time practice to qualify for exemptions.

The ACCA Exemption Calculator available on the official ACCA website is a valuable resource to expedite this process.

In either case, an important point to note is that you must submit valid proof of all your accreditations and credentials along with your application. These documents will form part of your supporting documents portfolio, which should have:

  • Marksheets & certificates
  • Bio-data credentials (email ID, contact number etc.)

Once you’re set with your eligibility assessment, you may proceed with the application in earnest.

Registration Process

In broad terms, there are two avenues for completing your ACCA Registration:

Self-application i.e. filing & registering on your own. You are required to access the ACCA website and file the application from start to finish yourself.

Learning Partner application, where a registered LP (e.g. SOE Global) submits the application on your behalf.

Which is Better?

While it is up to personal preference, opting for the LP route comes with notable advantages, especially for people new to the field.

– Applying through LPs can get you exclusive discounts on applications. For instance, SOE Global offers its students special concessions for ACCA registration. 

– Additionally, applying through an LP saves you the hassle of rigorous form filling and correspondence. All you are required to do is submit the required particulars to the institute.

Important Guidelines

It is crucial that you bear the following in mind during your application process.

Take careful note of your unique 7-digit User ID. You will require it to set a new password at a subsequent phase of the application.

Pay your exam fees well before the deadline. This prevents further hold-ups for your application.

Plan ahead for your exam schedule. Don’t let your application efforts go to waste!

SOE Global offers streamlined ACCA registration services as a bonafide LP. To know more, contact our institute today!

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