What Are The Annual Subscription Fees Charged In ACCA?

Looking to upskill yourself as an up-and-coming finances expert? Over the past few years, ACCA has shaped up to be a highly viable qualification to pursue in the financial services sector, rising to the leagues of the ubiquitous CA accreditation. However, like with any financial accreditation, it’s always prudent to do one’s homework in terms of the time and money each certification demands. 

ACCA is no different. Spread out across multiple exams and modules, the road to becoming a bonafide ACCA affiliate incurs significant charges from start to finish. Figuring out the cost breakdown can be a head-scratcher for most new entrants into the field. This article will cover the ins and outs of ACCA subscription fees, exam fees and everything else in between.

Accreditations & Accounts

Right out of the gate, the vital aspect to acknowledge is that the fees for ACCA are prescribed based on pound sterling (GBP) currency. Ergo, the fees you pay in INR will vary based on the prevailing currency exchange rates at the time.

Since there are different components to an ACCA membership, each entity comes with its own price tag. Some are one-time fees, while others require renewal on a yearly subscription basis. Note that all prices are for India, and conversion rates are accurate as of the date of article publishing.

ACCA Qualification Students

– Qualification students have to pay the registration & subscription fees upfront, along with the respective exam fees & strategic professional fees. 

– Registration Fees: One-time payment; £30 i.e. ₹2727.

– In case you miss the deadline for registration fee payment, additional re-registration fees will apply, costing £89 i.e. ₹8091.

– The annual subscription fee payable to retain ACCA membership for students is £119 i.e. ₹10,819.

A vital point to note here is that as a student, you are liable to pay fees on exempt papers as well, in addition to the direct payment of exam fees across different modules in ACCA.

ACCA Affiliates

As an affiliate of ACCA, you are required to make three fee payments to continue your affiliation without hassles.

– The Subscription Fee (£135/₹12,273) is payable for up to 3 years from the granting of affiliate status. 

– After the three-year period, the Permanent Subscription Fee (£270/₹24,547) is payable annually.

– A Reinstatement Fee of £61/₹5546 is due in the event that the member’s name is removed from the registry.

ACCA Members

For full-fledged ACCA members, the fee breakdown is a bit more complex.

– The admission to membership costs £135/₹12,273. It is due once the membership is approved by ACCA. 

– The annual subscription fee for full-time members is £270/₹24,547.

– Under certain special conditions, members can file applications for reduced subscription fees. 

– For reinstatement due to removal from the member registry, the fee is £61/₹5546.

– For ACCA members entering retirement, a lifetime membership commutation fee of £270/₹24,547 is levied as a one-time fee.

ACCA is a stellar qualification to pursue for those seeking new prospects in their career. With due diligence and financial planning (courtesy of institutes like SOE Global), you can be well on your way to becoming a bonafide ACCA Member. Contact us today to begin your ACCA journey!

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