Bsc Applied Accounting Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria to Pursue BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting with OBU

Why get only one qualification, when you can get two?

Having a degree from an internationally recognised university, and an accredited professional qualification is a strong combination of qualifications which can potentially open up a multitude of opportunities!

Students preparing for ACCA, can choose to simultaneously pursue a bachelor’s degree in Applied Accounting from the coveted Oxford Brookes University, a world class institution known for its emphasis on innovation, world class education and research. It is one of the best schools in the UK for Business, Accountancy, Management, and Finance.

This programme is exclusively designed for students pursuing their ACCA qualification to enable them to obtain a degree, while preparing for their professional accountancy qualification.

Why Should you choose this program?

The Dual qualification Advantage

  • The degree helps in improving critical thinking and analytical skills required for the present ambitious business environment and earns the candidate a qualification of international repute.
  • It equips the students with accounting policies crucial in solving real-time problems.
  • Offers flexibility, while being exclusively designed for ACCA students, thereby giving you an edge over others in the job marketplace.
  • Leads the student and paves the path to an exciting and rewarding career in Finance and Accounting.

Eligibility Criteria :

A student pursuing ACCA needs to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to receive the B.Sc. Degree :

  1. Complete all the ACCA Fundamental Level courses, including Fundamental Knowledge (F1-F3) and Fundamental Skills (F4 to F9). The student has to mandatorily pass the Financial Reporting (FR), Audit and Assurance (AA) and Financial Management (FM) examinations. The other fundamental modules may be completed either through exemption or examination.
  2. Complete the ACCA Ethics and Professional Skills module according to the Research and Analysis Project submission dates
  3. Complete and pass the Oxford Brookes University Research and Analysis Project.
  4. Be registered with the concerned University, i.e. Oxford Brookes University.
  5. Should opt for the BSc degree scheme before the student starts working on the research and analysis project.
  6. Finish the Professional Skills and Ethics module by ACCA.
  7. Pass the University’s research and analysis project.

Research Requirements:

In order to receive the degree, a student needs to complete, submit and pass a Research and Analysis project, which includes the following

  • A research report that is 7500 words long.
  • A Skills and Learning statement that is 2000 word long.
  • A presentation about the project.

Still unsure whether you want to pursue this course?

You can obtain both an undergrad degree, and an ACCA qualification in a short span of time.

Additionally, you also complete a research project and gain valuable work experience all at the same time. The world of opportunities awaits you as a well-qualified, professionally certified and experienced person!

What are you waiting for! Enrol for this program now!

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