ACCA Exam Conduct

Are you an ACCA aspirant? Then it is mandatory that you familiarize yourself with the procedure of how ACCA exams are conducted. 

Registration process

To write the exam, apart from preparation, you need to register yourself. 

Before registering for the ACCA exam, you have to apply for ACCA membership. The process doesn’t take more than 10 minutes as clear instructions are available on filling in details. 

For registering, the student needs to become an ACCA member. Every January of the year, this membership needs to be renewed by January 1st every year. 

Applying online for ACCA

The website to apply online for ACCA is where the student can select the ACCA qualification and apply for ACCA membership. If halfway through the applying process, if the student is interrupted, they can get back to their application using the ACCA reference number. This number can be received by doing a partial save as soon as the filling process commences. 

The documents required to apply are proof of qualifications, proof of identity, and a passport photograph. After uploading these documents and paying the fees (details available on the website) your registration process will be complete. 

Exam dates 

The ACCA has conducted exams four times a year every March, June, September, and December. The deadlines for application for September 2021 for example are given below.

ACCA September Exam Deadlines

Early exam entry opening date – 9th February 2021

Early exam entry deadline date – 10th May 2021

Standard exam entry deadline – 2nd August 2021

Late exam entry deadline – 9th August 2021

The ACCA exams are to take place between the 6th and 10th of September. Due to ongoing uncertainty with COVID-19, it is advisable to keep visiting the ACCA exam information page for the latest updates. 

Remote session exams

With over 500 exam centers across the globe, the exam planner can be used to find out what exams can be taken in which location. 

With the right equipment, environment, and internet, students can now take the exam remotely. You can refer to the website to see what locations have this option available. The timeslots for these remote exams are based on location and can be chosen from the options available. 

Exam docket

A docket for the exam can be downloaded two weeks after the standard exam entry dates close. This includes a timetable of exams entered for, exam center address, and exam regulation guidelines. 

Exam method

All the exams are on the Computer-Based Method (CBE). Some exams are available on-demand while some others are session-based. The location of the student determines if the exam will be taken in a center or remotely. 

ACCA syllabus

The papers of the ACCA Qualification must be taken in modular order. Papers are grouped by ACCA into the following three ‘modules’:

  • Applied Knowledge module (papers BT, MA, FA)
  • Applied Skills module (papers LW, PM, TX, FR, AA, FM)
  • Strategic Professional module (SBL, SBR, AFM, APM, ATX, AAA)

Ending Note

While these dates and information provided will give you an idea about what to expect about the exam process, do ensure you check the page for timely updates. Wishing you all the very best!

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