Succeed in ACCA Exams

Have you been planning on giving the ACCA exam but uncertainty stands in the way? The ACCA exam stands for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and is a course conducted in the UK. Acing this course can open many doors for you but with time ticking down, how confident are you to take your ACCA exam?

Passing this exam can be a little tricky for most people due to the variable passing rates. Some papers like Business Technology have a pass rate of over 80% and students are more than comfortable in clearing these papers. On the other hand, the Advanced Audit and Assurance paper only has a passing rate of over 30% and is much harder for students to ace. 

Technique and methodology make a huge difference when preparing for this exam. For most students, this is not an exam that you can prepare for in just one night. With the right kind of planning, succeeding in these exams is not that difficult. So let’s take a look at how you can succeed in ACCA exams. 

Apply Concepts Regularly

It does not matter which exam you’re giving, proof of concept matters a lot. Preparing for the exams in ACCA is not just procuring academic knowledge. Your ACCA examiner will check to see how well you can apply your knowledge to real-life situations. This is why your practice should entail practical problems. 

Get in Your Examiner’s Head

ACCA examiners are very vigilant of real-world examples for problems. You can study their patterns and preferences by going through the last few years of papers. Once you notice a decipherable pattern in these, you will learn to pick out relevant information. Before your exam, it will help you to simply practice such situations you think are important. Without thorough practice and intuition, clearing this exam is difficult. 

Technique Matters

It is not just about laying down information for your examiner. ACCA exams are best written with well-structured answers. There are many internet papers that will show you the ideal answering styles. Study these well and make it a habit to structure your thoughts in this way. 

The sheer amount of data to take in for this exam is overwhelming. This is true for you as well as your invigilator. In such a time, having a well-structured and easy-to-read answer can help you a lot. 

Keep Practising

In comparison to other exams, you have a considerable amount of time to pass your ACCA exam. There are ten years allotted for you to complete this course so it’s best to practice a lot. Solving old exam papers regularly can keep you in touch with the information needed. Also, remember to stay vigilant to real-world problems that may appear in the exam.


Finally, understand that failing the ACCA the very first attempt isn’t the end of the story. When something concerns examinations, we may become our own greatest adversaries. The more weight you place on the results, the more challenging it will be to succeed that day.

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