Things to do after finishing ACCA

ACCA might not have the best passing rates but the world demands more these days from everyone. Previously, completing your ACCA course would be cause for celebration. However, these days it is just another task on the checklist. 

After the whole process of studying, practising and giving the ACCA exam, you are bound to pass sooner or later. But what now? Where do you go from now? To best analyse your options, let’s start by asking you some crucial questions:

  1. What does the next decade look like for you?

Passing the ACCA opens many doors for you. You can now choose to continue pursuing bigger exams such as the CFA or you can even open your own firm. You may even consider to be an advisor. 

  1. Where do your interests lie?

It is not just about the options you have. It is rather about the options that interest you. Have you tried gaining more knowledge about your present options? Which one’s sound interesting to you?

  1. Is finance your only hope?

There are certainly interesting finance options for you once you complete this exam. However, you can even consider a future in law or even in management for that matter. 

Pursuing an MBA

People often opt to do an MBA after clearing their ACCA exam. WIth a good foundation in finance, pursuing an MBA in their field becomes very interesting. This course couple with their knowledge gives them great job aspects in the future. 

Many top companies appreciate a candidate not just with an MBA degree but with more in-depth knowledge in their field. 

Pursuing Law

A 3 year law course may sound like a lengthy option but it is high-reward. Knowing finance and operating in law will certainly take your career trajectory upwards. There are various people who prefer to take this path due to their vested interest in law. 

This allows you to explore the finance side with liberty. You could the become a lawyer, advisor or hold a strong position in a law firm as well. 

Going Solo

All said and done, the ACCA merit you have already, can still do wonders. You could contact law firms and work with them immediately. Many people also consider opening their own firm or even going entirely solo. This primarily entails having independent clients and doing freelance work for each connection. 

Clear the CFA

The Chartered Financial Analyst exam is one that can boost your financial career. The exam comprises of three levels and is very difficult. Compared to ACCA, it kicks things up a notch and challenges students. 

If you’ve been meaning to pursue a rewarding career in the field of finance, this is a good option for you. The exam will lay out a strong foundation and prepare you for the real world well. 


Overall, clearing your ACCA can mean many things. It is best for you to think of this as having several opportunities at your disposal. Choose the choice that suits you the best and be the master of your own fate starting today.

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