ACCA Hour of Study

How Many Hours Should I Study For ACCA?

One of the strengths of an ACCA qualification is the flexibility it offers. This flexibility is a boon for those juggling multiple roles at the same time. The one question every aspirant has is ‘How much time do I need to spend on studying every day?’. 

While the answer to this question is subjective, this article throws some light on the average amounts of time a candidate needs to spend on a daily basis to acquire the ACCA qualification.

ACCA Study Plans

At the onset, we must acknowledge that ACCA offers ample options to students in terms of time management. The program offers both full-time as well as part-time study modes for students. Since ACCA sees enrolments from people across different walks of life, multiple modes of study and different entry points are essential. Each study plan under ACCA comes with its own unique strategy in terms of study time. However, there is a general pattern thar is observed among those who pursue ACCA. Here is an outline on the different study plans.

ACCA For Professionals

The part-time ACCA program is characterized by the flexibility in its study plans. It is targeted toward working professionals with hectic work schedules.

– Having an ACCA Approved Learning Partner can work wonders for your ACCA study patterns. They help keep you on the right track and stay on schedule for your study plans.

– Classes can either be conducted online or through part-time tutoring. Either way, flexibility is uncompromised. 

– If you opt for a part-time plan, studying for ACCA will usually take you around 1-2 hours every day of dedicated preparation time.

– The amount of time you spend on the course is dependent on factors such as the papers you select and the nature of your work.

ACCA For Students

For the academic community, ACCA has ample intensive options. If you are looking to pursue an ACCA program qualification in earnest, there are plenty of avenues ahead of you.

– Full-time ACCA tutoring programs are conducted in dedicated centres.

– Choosing a face-to-face tutorial experience is ideal for those looking to focus solely on their accountancy studies.

– These classes are conducted through the week for 3 to 8 hours a day.

– This tutoring program for ACCA usually takes a couple of months to complete, depending on your progress track.

– As with the professional track, ACCA also offers online support for its course programs.

The Best Of Both Worlds

In today’s world, it is important to understand that everyone does not operate on fixed schedules. This is the new age of multitasking. With that in mind, ACCA offers a unique blended program that combines methods of instruction as per your convenience. 

The blended programs bring forth a mix of face-to-face as well as online tutoring to deliver quality education in the ACCA syllabus. There is also the option to avail revision materials to reiterate and relearn core concepts.


So how long does it really take to study for ACCA papers? The answer depends on your schedule. If you are truly dedicated to your ACCA accreditation then you will spend at least an hour a day revising the syllabus. If you pick an intensive program, your study time will be around 3 hours a day. The idea is to plan efficiently and stay on top of the syllabus so that you can ace your papers. It isn’t just a numbers game! 

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