ACCA & Oxford Brookes University Degree Recognition

Is the degree offered by ACCA & Oxford Brookes University Recognized?

The B. Sc Honors Degree in Applied Accounting offered by Oxford Brookes brings in the best of both worlds, enabling you to hold a recognized academic qualification and a reputed professional course in one go. The opportunity is perfect for the students who are pursuing their ACCA qualification. The degree has been jointly designed by ACCA and Oxford Brookes, two prominent institutions in the educational field, signifying that the perks that come with it are immense. 

Why is this course resourceful?

Since the year 2001, Oxford Brookes University and ACCA have collaborated to give students the platform to establish a firmer foundation to further their professional development. 

The degree is designed to impart students with the skills and knowledge that allow them to make greater contributions to enterprises and society as a whole. It is achieved by incorporating the ACCA syllabus into an academic setting. By the end of the degree completion, you will be a well-rounded professional who holds a competitive advantage to embark on a progressive career. 

Far-reaching skillset

A student pursuing this degree will hold academic, professional, and research knowledge, all of which equates to a highly knowledgeable professional. The degree is echoed through two esteemed institutions that are well-regarded and respected by the industry leaders. The syllabus of the B. Sc degree is designed around the ACCA course. The research project and valuable work experience enhance the critique and analytical skills required for the present ambitious business environment. 

You will be recognized and recruited by global companies for your comprehensive knowledge and advanced skill set in the field of Accountancy and Finance. 

The elite of the elites

On clearing ACCA, the candidate will be an active member of one of the renowned international accounting bodies, opening up opportunities from top-tier companies. The degree gives you an edge over your peers in terms of qualification as you hold an esteemed academic degree in addition to a reputed professional course, which will improve your prospects and make you the first choice for companies. 

Feasible, Flexible Structure

The course intends to equip the students with globally recognized accounting policies and realistic problems. Similar to ACCA, the degree is also designed to accompany your schedule and balance your course requirements, professional workload, while conducting detailed research and analysis. The degree, thus, gives you the liberty to manage your timeline and plan your course to meet the required deadlines. 

Why pursue a regular degree when you can choose one that perfectly complements your goals? 

For students who are ardently focusing on completing ACCA, the degree is a welcoming upgrade. The B.Sc. Degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University is a perfect testament to your comprehensive skill set. The globally recognized degree has the power and ability to boost your formal education portfolio, opening doors to international career opportunities in the business arena. 

The opportunities available for an academically qualified, professionally certified, experienced person in this industry are immeasurable!

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