Degree in International Finance Benefits

In the Banking, Financial and Accounting sector, a degree in International Finance helps fast track the career of the person considerably. For instance, a person who has experience in banking and investment management may be able to find opportunities in Investment Banking. The same holds good for other similar sectors too.

Many students will be able to gain a global perspective, which in turn may also help them find jobs in Multinational Organisations, Accounting Firms, Venture Capital Firms, Multinational Banks, Monetary Authorities and other BFSI Institutions.

Careers in International Finance

Here is a list of some areas that are suitable for students with a degree in international finance.

1. Financial Analyst and Advisor

In addition to strong numeracy skills, a financial analyst or advisor will have to have strong analytical skills to be able to predict and forecast the financial trends for the future. A degree in International Finance will equip the student or candidate with perspectives encompassing different schools of thought and protocols.

This, in turn will enable to student to take into account and assign suitable weightages to different factors, enabling them to make accurate and precise predictions. Many students with degrees in International Finance have gone on to become advisors in top firms.

2. Venture Capitalist

The career path requires one to have a strong risk appetite. However, what matters more than the risk appetite or risk-taking ability, is the skill possessed by the individual to make calculated decisions. 

Additionally, building a solid network of people who can invest in ideas and organisations is an absolute must. Having experience and a toehold in international finance will help the student first establish credibility before they go on to conquer the investment landscape as fund managers and venture capitalists.

3. Investment Bankin

While being a VC needs a strong degree of people skills, investment banking requires astute financial skills. A degree in international finance will give the student some exposure to structuring and closing a variety of deals, in different scenarios. This will in turn help them in their careers.

Impeccable research and analytical skills are an absolute must for this career options, just as they are for all other career options in international finance. Implementing both long term and short-term financial plans for others is a key aspect of their career path, making students with a degree in international finance the right choice.

4. Management Consultant

If you truly love finance, but like to be the jack of all trades, management consultancy is definitely your cup of tea. In addition to making financial decisions, you will also be consulted on other intangible and tangible aspects involved in the running of the organisation. 

In addition to financial skills, this role requires good communication skills, creativity, and innovation. It also requires that one possess both quick thinking and critical analysis abilities.

5. A Host of Opportunities

Other sectors in which graduates of international finance can find employment are financial accounting, stock broking and actuarial sciences. International Finance is growing and will always be an ever growing and evergreen field!

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