ACCA Exam India

Where are ACCA Exams Held in India?

ACCA qualification is a globally recognized qualification in Accounting, Auditing, Finance, and Business. The ACCA exams are offered in 133 countries. To qualify as an ACCA member, students must complete 14 exams, including Fundamentals Levels 1 and 2, and Professional Levels 1-3. The exams are held twice a year, in June and December. Read out the blog to know about acca exam centres in India.

ACCA was founded in 1904 with a commitment to opportunity, diversity, innovation, integrity, and accountability. These values continue to guide ACCA as they prepare accountants for businesses of all types, ensuring that their qualifications provide the skills and knowledge that employers need.

Exam Location:

The acca exam centres in India are held in all major cities. These cities include Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune and many others. In the light of recent events, students also have the provision for writing the exam remotely.

Exam Timings:

In the Indian centres, the exams begin at 2:30 PM IST and are 3 hours 15 minutes long.

Exam Fees:

Fee ranges from Rs. 10,000/exam for a standard knowledge level to Rs. 20,000/exam for professional level

Subjects in ACCA:

For Fundamentals, there are 9 papers in total. These include:

Applied knowledge:

  • BT Business & Technology
  • MA Management Accounting
  • FA Financial Accounting

Applied skills:

  • LW Corporate And Business Law
  • PM Performance Management
  • TX Taxation
  • FR Financial Reporting
  • AA Audit And Assurance
  • FM Financial Management

For the Professional level, there are 4 papers in total. These include:


  • SBR Strategic Business Reporting
  • SBL Strategic Business Leader

Optional (Any 2):

  • AFM Advanced Financial Management
  • APM Advanced Performance Management
  • ATX Advanced Taxation
  • AAA Advanced Audit And Assurance

Why should you opt for ACCA Course in India?

  • ACCA is a leading professional body for accountants with over 200,000 members and 486,000 students in 180 countries.
  • Developing qualifications with employers ensures you have the skills and knowledge needed to be work-ready
  • The ACCA offers local law and tax options to make your qualification locally relevant.
  • It has 100 offices and centres globally, offering localized support.
  • The ACCA is recognized by key regulatory and education authorities around the world and also has joint membership with other international accountancy bodies.
  • Qualifications are based on international accounting standards making them globally recognized.
  • A focus on ethics means employers can trust you to be an ethical accountant.
  • ACCA’s professional qualifications have also been recognized by various international organizations.
  • ACCA has been known for its quality and excellence all over the globe for over 100 years.
  • Quality-assured qualifications give employers confidence in their ability and knowledge.

ACCA opens doors for worldwide employment and tremendous scope in the field of accounting, auditing, finance, and business. If you are looking for a truly global course, ACCA is the best step forward. In India, almost every major city has ACCA centres and ACCA coaching; this makes both training and writing the exams accessible to everyone. So, register for the ACCA exams, and find out your nearest centre. If not, you always have the option to write the exams remotely. All the best!

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