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Financial reporting is a vital element of any sizable company nowadays. There are international standards and protocols set for the process across countries. The number of profitable companies is increasing, and they all need to comply with the internationally accepted standards of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Naturally, the need of the hour is competent accountants who are in sync with the latest IFRS standards. Since there is scope for this job worldwide, the ACCA IFRS Diploma course is your perfect ticket to a promising career.

What Is The IFRS Diploma?

ACCA’s IFRS Diploma is geared towards increasing professional knowledge of contemporary International Financial Reporting. You will also learn how to apply the reporting standards to an active business environment across different sectors. 

The IFRS diploma comes with two distinct parts: 

  • The course content
  • The IFRS assessment

 For the sake of convenience, you have the option of selecting each component individually. If you want to test yourself, you can opt for the assessment alone, and vice versa. 

Put simply, ACCA’s Diploma in IFRS is a simple and efficient qualification option to up-skill yourself on the current trends and developments in the sector of financial reporting. The diploma offers a 360-degree perspective on the know-how required for this career prospect.

What Will I Learn?

Learning the ropes about the IASB’s Conceptual Framework of Financial Reporting.

– Mastering disclosure requirements, financial reports and notes.

– Understanding the intricacies of group financial statements under a number of situations (joint arrangements, etc.).

– Staying up-to-date with the regular updates to the accepted standard for key elements of financial reporting.

– In-depth training on IFRS, including industry-based case studies.

The Diploma for IFRS exam is conducted twice a year, in June and December at ACCA-authorized test centers. The passing cutoff is 50%, and qualification is mandatory to be awarded the Diploma in IFRS. The assessment is conducted over a 3-hour, 15-minute duration. It also earns ACCA affiliate status for the students.

How Do I Apply?

The signup fee for ACCA’s Diploma in IFRS course is ₹20,000. Since the course and the assessment are considered two separate units, this fee is not inclusive of the Diploma exam fee. The examination is charged per attempt, priced at ₹14,000. The course itself is priced according to the mode of instruction you choose. Rates vary between the live training and online classroom programs. 

The IFRS Diploma is meant to be an ideal boost for those already in the field of accounting, with significant experience under their belt. Professionals such as experienced CAs, Finance Graduates, and Management Accountants stand to benefit greatly from this Diploma. In that regard, it is part of the eligibility criteria for applicants to have at least one of the following criteria.

– ACCA affiliation

– Qualified auditor or NAS-qualified accountant

– 3 years’ experience as accountant

– 2 years’ experience under IFR sector

What Can The Certificate Do For Me?

In just a few months under the course, you can qualify as a knowledgeable IFRS expert. This Diploma certificate enables you to pursue lucrative job opportunities in the field of financial reports and accounting. Since the Diploma is for International Financial reporting, it offers ample scope to spread your wings and opt for job prospects that are abroad as well.

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