Msc Professional Accounting Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria to Pursue M.Sc. in Professional Accounting with UOL

Having a master’s degree from an internationally recognised university, in addition to an ACCA qualification opens a door to a wealth of opportunities in Banking, Accountancy and Finance Sectors!

ACCA students and graduates can be at forefront of ground-breaking change by pursuing for the world’s first and only master’s programme with the University of London at the same time as taking their professional qualification with ACCA. 

University of London is a renowned institution, well known for their cutting-edge programs in management. The design of the MSc in Professional Accountancy has been customised especially for ACCA students, providing them with a unique opportunity for career advancement.

Why Should you pursue this program?

  • The role of professionally accredited accountants with international exposure is crucial as they assist the business in forming strategies, reducing costs, and mitigating risks. 
  • The degree helps in improving critical thinking and analytical skills required for the present ambitious business environment and earns the candidate a qualification of international repute.
  • It gives the candidate a broad view from mastering the challenging theoretical concepts to solving pressing problems.
  • Real-time, concept-based modules aim at providing a stimulating learning experience and a significant practical approach, enhancing the employability of the students and members. 
  • A master’s qualification in accounting coupled with a professional qualification in accountancy, opens a plethora of opportunity in multinational organisations.

What does the M.Sc. Professional Accountancy program entail

In order to pursue the M.Sc. in Professional Accountancy, the student needs to complete all Applied Skills Exams and Strategic Professional Essentials Exam conducted by ACCA. The student will require approximately a year to complete the requirements of the program. However, the student may choose to fast track and complete all modules simultaneously, thereby cutting the course short by a few months. Every module in the course includes a thesis component, which requires the student to submit a dissertation.

What do you need to do to get the degree?

To obtain an M.Sc. Degree, a student who has not yet completed all the ACCA course requirements, needs to complete the following modules in addition to a project and a group activity.

  • Strategic Financial Management – This module covers Corporate Finance, Mergers and IPOs, Investment Management and International Capital Markets. 
  • Strategic Performance Management – This module gives you an understanding of key issues and methodologies including Performance Management, Information Management and Evaluating Financial Risk. 
  • Strategic Financial Project – This module helps you learn business research skills and how to apply them to a simulated real-world accounting and/or finance challenge. It will help the student to analyse data about business challenges, research alternative approaches and make judgements, based on the evidence you find.

The M.Sc Program in totality includes 

If a student has already obtained their ACCA qualification, the student only needs to complete one module (Global Issues for the Finance Professional) in addition to the Strategic Financial Project.

The Dual Qualification Advantage of M.Sc. and ACCA

  • You can obtain a coveted master’s degree, and an ACCA qualification in a short span of time.
  • Additionally, you also complete relevant courses which give you exposure to real-time financial and accounting problems. As you equip yourself with real time work experience, a master’s degree and an ACCA qualification, the world of opportunities will open to you.

You save on cost, time and gain valuable experience and skills at the same time!

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