Study Benefits Under ACCA Approved Learning Partner

Benefits of studying under an ACCA approved learning partner

An approved learning partner is a certified partner or an institute that has met a few criteria set by ACCA and that ensure quality education and support to students.

This status is given on 3 different levels, namely Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each represents different levels of quality and goal requirement. But what exactly are the benefits for the students to learn under an approved partner? 

  • Under an approved partner, you can be sure about receiving high-quality training in the course, and excellent guidance and support in a great learning environment.
  • These partners are up to date about the various developments in the ACCA course, and this is ensured by regular visits from ACCA. These visits check on the institutes in fixed intervals, to make sure nothing is lagging behind, and the staff, material and the teaching methods are on par.
  • ACCA meetings with students in the institute, where there is interaction about the learning, the feedback, and many other things.
  • The tuition will be carried out by following ACCA’s best practices. These practices have been globally tested and recognized and are the best benchmarks available in the industry.
  • Institute will have access to the best tools and opportunities that are at ACCA’s disposal. This gives the students a scope for continuous improvement in their studies, which directly reflects on their performance.
  • Option for students to raise a complaint with ACCA in case their institute has failed to carry out their feedback in the right way. So if students are unhappy with a learning partner, they have the right to point their grievances to the concerned people.

To sum up, there is an instant increase in the overall quality of education and every other aspect when compared to other learning providers. And as this is regulated by one central authority, there is a uniformity in the practices carried Throughout.

This system ensures only the best foot is kept forward, and the students are not forced to compromise on the quality of the education that they truly deserve. So choose wisely, and choose the finest in the game.

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